See What Bamenda II Mayor Has Done To Former Separatist Fighters

The Mayor of the Bamenda II Council, Mezam division, North West region, Chenwi Peter has  visited the  regional disarmament centre, offering a huge  consignment of  gifts to former  separatist fighters.

While visiting the centre November 10, Mayor  Chenwi said: “I congratulate these ex-combatants to have adhered to the Head of State’s call for them to drop their arms and come to the center so that they are reintegrated into the society. I call on them not to let such opportunity to slip off their fingers, so I want them to be well behaved, discipline and have respect for the rules of the DDR center”.

 He later “promised to keep coming back to support them. It is high time the councils and elite to stand behind these ex-fighters who have surrendered to encourage others from the bushes to come out because if we stay behind it will not be healthy, we need to support them in securing jobs, scholarships and the rest”. The mayor handed to the ex-combatants the sum of two hundred thousand francs.

The coordinator of the DDR center in Bamenda, Gabsa Sixtus saluted the Bamenda II  mayor  for being the first elite  to visit the centre.

“The gifts offered by the mayor will go a long way to support the DDR center in Bamenda to take good care of the ex-fighters. The gifts are really significant because it takes care of gender in the center, the Mayor brought gifts for the boys, gifts for the girls and gifts also for the kids in the center” Gabsa noted.

He sees in the municipal authority’s “a win-win partnership has been established between the Bamenda II council and the DDR center and I pray this partnership continues to grow from strength to strength so that more can be achieved for the center.” The North West  DDR  coordinator  explained that, the donations  will go a long way to encourage those still in the bushes to join the center so that they can get amnesty.

 “When they leave here upon reintegration into the society, they will have settlement from the center and they will leave better lives since they are trained in diverse fields in the center,” Gabsa assured.

The gifts from the Bamenda II council Mayor to the DDR center in Bamenda which currently counts 162 ex-combatants comprised of garri, sweet-potatoes, palm oil, plantain, maggi, maize, tomatoes, groundnut oil, sugar, salt, soap, pads and toilet tissues.

The Divisional Officer, D O of Bamenda II, councillors and council staff accompanied  the mayor during  the visit.

By Tasi Peter, CAMWATCH News

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