Anti-Biya Comment: Macron’s Attempt To Divert Attention On Failures At Helm Of France

Anti-Biya Comment:

Macron’s Attempt To Divert Attention On Failures At Helm Of France

Story, Kah Patience

Cameroonians across the board within the political class have condemned President Emmanuel Macron’s declaration on President Biya, which they consider as trying to run down the integrity of Cameroon.

These analysts whom most are familiar with Franco-Cameroon relations, and are interacting on a daily basis with the French political class, opted not to be named for fear of diplomatic victimisation.

“Macron may be right in his declaration but the President of sovereign state shouldn’t take upon himself to attack a President of another sovereign state like Cameroon. It is diplomatically wanting,” a renowned lecturer at International Relations Institute of Cameroon, IRIC said.

 This well-known scholar who has spent considerable years on French soil added that: “France is not in good shape as we speak. The President should rethink and revive his internal policies that meet up with mounting and disturbing worries expressed French citizens. Africa is not perfect and I don’t think we should expect perfection from any country or continent now. It is a difficult task”.

To another Yaounde-based political scientist and member of Cameroon’s leading political party, “President Macron should allow himself to be manipulated and deceived by some gullible aides whose interest is to see Cameroon crumble at all cost. Yes, we are aware problems abound, but these have occupied the highest attention of the State. Mr Biya is trying his best.”

The interview that provoked the outburst is published in A recent edition of Jeune Afrique Magazine. 

In passing, President Macron responding to a question, went frontal with the Cameroon leader over issues of Boko Haram, Anglophone crisis and so on.

Macron’s controversial declaration

Question from Jeune Afrique: But some Cameroonians have equally expressed the wish that actions aimed at solving these crises be rapid and well implemented. They have hailed government earmarked actions to solve the crises. The conflict continues in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon and the opposition is regularly

repressed – Maurice Kamto is particularly the cost. A year ago, you said you wanted to “put

maximum pressure on Paul Biya ”. What can France do?

And this is what I did since I reminded you that for a very long time President Biya did not come on an official visit to France. We had had contact by phone, but I asked him gestures of confidence before his arrival in Lyon in October 2019. He had made them a year ago with a certain number of releases.

The situation has become tense again and I call on President Biya to make gestures of openness. He too

must prepare for renewal and pacify his country, especially since he has another much greater challenge: That

of the advance of Boko Haram. He must re-engage his country in the fight against terrorism alongside Nigeria and especially Chad, which carries a lot of the load, sometimes alone.

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