Choice Of Regional Assembly Presidents: NW, SW Deserve Best

Choice Of Regional Assembly Presidents:

NW, SW Deserve Better

The campaigns ahead of the pioneer regional council election in the country have kicked off nationwide with the population expecting to see a major change in local governance approach. Different political parties vying for seats at the coveted regional councils in the eight French-speaking regions and the regional assemblies in the two English-speaking regions have embarked on a one-on-one campaign with councillors and chiefs who make up the Electoral College.

The battle is tensed in the North West and South West regions. Here, the stakes are high considering the setting up of regional assemblies for both regions. The relative autonomy to be enjoyed by these regional assemblies makes it more complex and an uphill task to choose a more dynamic and development-centered regional speakers.

Sources close to the CPDM, lone political party contesting in both regions say persons to head these two structures are already known.

 The source furthered that: “It is not a too favorite choice”. With the serious and integrity expected from this house, it is incumbent on the party running to go for men of well-known repute in major aspects of life vis a vis economic, educational, social, and otherwise. It is not time to promote tribalism, nepotism, man-know-man syndrome at the detriment of local development and the entire population of the two regions.

 It is also important, analysts suggest, for this candidates to be measured beyond morals and competence, show sense of impartiality, commitment and sacrifice in serving the needy population.

The regional President position must not be taken for a joke or play. It is a matter of reforming development to face plight of desperate communities currently undergoing suffering in the North West and South West Regions. Regional Assembly members must put collective interest first in electing a regional bureau to run the affairs of the assemblies.

Campaigns Kick Off

The South West region is in campaign frenzy following the launch last Saturday of campaigns in Buea. The ceremony characterized by speeches and renewed commitment to Republican institutions was an opportunity for CPDM party local leaders to explain the benefits of the regional assembly to the population.

The Regional Campaign boss, Peter Mafany Mosunge outlined changes to be brought about by the upcoming political consultations for example, the rebirth of House of Chiefs, relative autonomy in the managing the affairs of the South West region.

NW CPDM Commit To Close Ranks Ahead of Regional Election

Supporters of the CPDM party in the North West region have resolved to close ranks and work for a 100 percent victory in the December 6 regional election.

 The supporters who came from the 34 subdivisions in the region for the campaign launch in Bamenda chaired by former Prime Minister, Philemon Yang said they are ready for a new experience in local governance.

Yang described it as a major step towards the completion of the decentralisation process in the country.

 Yang prescribed discipline and fair play even though the party will be running unopposed in the region. The militants equally received lessons on the specificities of the special status which is different from what obtains in the eight other regions.

It equally filtered at the campaign launch that out of the 1088 municipal councillors expected to show up in the seven polling stations spread across the seven divisional headquarters in the region, the CPDM has 1057 councillors.

The team leader has urged the councillors not to declare victory ahead of time but to rather show up at the polling stations to vote for Party which he described as the only party that is capable of putting an end to the ongoing conflict in the two English-speaking regions.

 The candidates of the region were presented to the militants whom party hierarchy say they have been carefully selected. The CPDM is already close to victory but party officials say their wish is to have 100 percent attendance at the polling station by all municipal councillors.

Campaign materials and necessary logistics have also been handed to divisional team leaders. In Menchum division, the campaign team leader, Hon Nji Fidelis is expected to preside at a divisional campaign launch for the division this Sunday.

 He has told the team leaders of the four subdivisions in Menchum to ensure all their councillors be present in Wum on voting day adding that no unjustified absences will tolerated. At the close of the event in Bamenda, a motion of support was addressed to head of state.

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