Mbengwi Council Records 80 Percent Budgetary Realisation

Mbengwi Council Records 80 Percent Budgetary Realisation

The Mbengwi Coouncil in Momo division, North West region has within the scope of its project execution registered 80 percent realisation.

Ten of seventeen projects have so far been executed by the council for the year 2020representing an 80% budget execution rate.

It is a change which has been witnessed since power changed hands at the helm of the Mbengwi Council. In a session to vote and adopt the 2021 budget for the council, the team is committed to achieving more in 2021 and has had Mayor Ndangsa Kennedy Akam with other councilors and staff accepting to work tooth and nail to serve the population of Mbengwi.  

As the Council continues with other projects within the outgoing year, the work so far executed by the council includes the Electrification of three villages, rehabilitation of the Mbengwi stadium, reaforestation of Bessie forest, Supply of equipment to GS Kobenyang, Support to three common initiative groups, support to vulnerable persons at social centers and supply of equipment’s to Government School Wumsom among other projects.

“It has not been some magic that has come from heaven, it is just the way we laced with our population. We tried by all means to involve people who matter and the people who matter are the Population who are the primary beneficiary of the project and that is why we were able to execute our budget for up to 80%,” Akam said.

“There’s one thing that people fail to understand when we talk of Security, people only look at the military but security is not military but security should come from within. You secure me and I secure you. That is the concept I used in my municipality before I could so far realize the 80% execution of the budget” Mayor  Akam intimated.

With the 80% execution rate, mayor Akam pointed out that they faced a lot of challenges emanating from the Anglophone crisis which is posing security challenges with Council workers sometimes being attacked coupled with the slow take off of economic activities in the subdivision.

The various deliberations led to the councilors voting the budget for 2021 which stands at over 774 million FCFA.

Amongst the  projects earmarked to be executed for the coming year are the construction of stalls, rehabilitation of the Mbengwi Council building, train cattle rearers for improved yield, revamping of the Mbengwi Mortuary and plant environmentally friendly trees.

 With all this, the Council will be relying on both local economic activities and funding of national and international partners to enable her sail through.
The budgetary session was moderated by the Secretary General of the Mbengwi Council Ndokonyi Musa while present at the session was the Senior Divisional Officer for Mbengwi Center, Fouda Etabe Benoir Nicaise, the Divisional Officer Essapa Javis, the First Deputy Mayor Dorine Fonjong Anwi Else Angwe and the Second Deputy Mayor Kadiri Oumarou.

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