North West Region: Mothers’ Tears Flow Again

Mothers’ Tears Flow In Bamenda
They came from all the seven divisions that make up the North West Region to cry, weep and pray for the departed souls of their children killed in the ongoing senseless war in the English speaking regions of the country. Led by their leader and key organiser, Mme Judith Yah Sunday Esp Achidi who is also General Manager of Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL, women marched along major streets of Bamenda in the quest for peace to return before paying a historic visit to the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Centre in Bamenda where hundreds of young boys and girls are undergoing reformation.
At the DDR centre, these women comforted the ex-fighters, offered gifts and begged them to convince their former peers still in bushes to drop their guns and join them at the DDR.

“your brothers and sisters who are still in the bushes because you all lived in the bushes together. Plead with them that we all want peace. They should come out, nothing will happen to them. They will be forgiven, note that nobody has the right to take away the life of another.” Mme Yah Judith appealed.

Speaking on behalf of all women present, she furthered that; “We the Queen mothers (Ma Fo’os) of the North West Region deplore and condemn in the strongest terms the constant killing of our children since the escalation of the crisis in our beloved Anglophone regions. Months ago, it was Ngarbu, before we could wipe off our tears Comfort Tumasang was chopped into pieces in Muyuka while Florence Ayafor was reserved the same fate in Santa. And most recently, seven of our children were brutally assassinated in Kumba last October 24, 2020 as they sought to study.”

The Tuesday protest march was provoked by recent barbaric attacks carried out by amba fighters like the Kumba School Massacre which left seven students dead. The undressing of school girls in Limbe, kidnapping of students in Kumbo and the list is long. These acts have been condemned in the strongest possible terms by these women. This outing came weeks after several others held across the country in protest against Amba atrocities.

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