Bafut Council Outlines 2021 Dev’t Plan

Bafut Council Outlines 2021 Dev’t plan

by Tasi Peter

The  Bafut  Council  in Mezam division, North West region has set out its development plan for 2021, hoping  on key  changes  in the decentralisation process to kick start them.

 Councillors adopted the plan during a recent council session to discuss and adopt the municipality’s 2021 budget.

 “For us to start implementing projects that are not yet mature is a barrier. So we have decided that in 2021, we embark fully on feasibility studies on the various envisaged projects of the council,”  Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence said.

He noted that that strategies used in implementing the projects for 2020 will be used in the year 2021.

The  council’s 2021 budget is balanced in revenue and expenditure at the sum of  over 747million FCFA. It shows an increase compared to the over 519 million FCFA for the same council in 2020.

The  budget takes into consideration the investment credits allocated by the government to the Bafut Council for 2021 which is worth 187,050,000 FCFA.

“Our vision for the council can only be realized if revenue is collected. We have to work hard to mobilise our resources to ensure local development and improve the living environment and conditions of the inhabitants of this great municipality,” Ngwakongoh declared.

He said the council plans to execute 17 projects for 2021 partly funded by the Public Investment Budget.

He challenged the population of Bafut to continue preaching peace, unity and also for development association presidents to collaborate with the council as well as political opponents .

 “…Development has no colour because there are some of these difficulties that we are facing because that change of power that has made things to become difficult for us because to work within our municipality but as I said development has no colour and the politicians should equally think that politics is a game and there is a winner and a looser. CPDM has taken over the council this time and is time for our opponents the SDF to give us the same push that for over 35years we have been giving them as oppositions that were ruling Bafut” the mayor noted.

 To him, “there’s never a day that us the CPDM we have opposed or relent our effort from supporting the SDF council during their reign but this time we have taken over and we expect them to come in and give us the return leg for that support that we gave them.”

Mayor Ngwakongoh used the opportunity to call on the powers that be to hasten up with the reconstruction process so that peace will return to communities in Bafut subdivision.

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