Low Revenue Collection Slows Dev’t -Tubah Mayor

Low Revenue Collection Slows  Dev’t

-Tubah Mayor

By Peter Tasi

The mayor  of the Tubah Council, Mezam division, North West region, Tajong Martin has said that,  low revenue collection within  his  municipality slows development.

 Tanjong made the observation during  a budgetary session Thursday December 3. He beckoned on the councillors and traditional authorities to join  in the collection of revenue which makes up the council’s income.

Tanjong however frowned at the loss in revenue citing the revenue not collected from the produce of huckleberry which is transported to other parts of the country free of charge.

 “Our markets still operate free of charge even the market stores owned by the council, occupants refused to pay their monthly rents there by slowing the expected development of our municipality as it is leaving us with four months of unpaid salaries and other running expenses which are due,” Tanjong lamented.

He challenged councillors  to  be active in the development of their communities, remain law abiding, staying clear of community divide and to continue applying the measures to fight  COVID-19.

Mayor Tanjong  prided  himself to have led the council through the execution of the projects  viz: “ The construction of the Buh Bridge at Ntehkezon quarter, opening and grading from Ngophana to Ndop road with 3 culverts, opening of road from upper Agham through Achi, opening and grading of road from Tubah through Ntigi to Ndumelele with the construction of a culvert, construction of two culverts at Kuboh, supply of didactic materials to schools, spraying of schools and the university against COVID-19 in preparation for the 2020/2021 school resumption, scholarships to 22 university students who abandoned school in the past years due to lack of sponsors”.

He also mentioned the “construction of a zoo-technical center in Bambui, construction of damaged bridge at Ayigefeh linking Bambili village, construction of two classrooms at GS Sabga, installation of a 100 KVA transformer and completion of rural electrification of Mengekeli quarter in Bambili village, capacity building workshop of council workers on how to better incorporate people leaving with disabilities in communities, study and maturation of 27 projects for 2021 financial year”.

 The organization of a mini agric show, holiday jobs for 100 students, takeoff of the green city project in Bambili Integrated Health Center, supply of materials to people with special needs, transfer and partial equipment of council office and the supply of motorbikes to people with special needs of Our Lady of Consolation center Bambili  are  also  some the projects  realised under Tanjong.

For 2021, the Tubah Council expects at least 10 projects from the Public Investment Budget, 3 other projects from PNDP and others from two organizations the council will partner with namely PNCC and AGSI.

The council through its mayor appealed for sponsorship of the Tubah Giant Water Project and some road works from the President of the Republic of Cameroon which will go a long way to benefit the suffering university students from water scarcity in the area and beyond.

With the revenue collection so low, the budget as explained by the Mayor is realistic for 2021 which avoids the so high budgeting for a year and not been able to collect up to 1/3 of the projected amount.

Councillors adopted a budget of  over 682 million FCFA. The mayor said   it  is a realistic budget compared to  the 2020 budget of 1.23billion FCFA.

From next year, the Tubah Council will have municipal police.  This is in  line with approval  from the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development.

The Divisional Officer, D O for Tubah, Garga Alim who represented the SDO for Mezam at the session  said development and peace initiatives are highly welcomed in the subdivision as violence has never solved any problem.

 Garga called on traditional authorities to continue sensitizing separatist fighters still in the bushes and to continue preaching the values of peace in their communities.

The DO told the councillors to ensure that the budget is successfully realised and projects executed.

 The council for 2021 will be counting on  money from the state, FEICOM, market fees amongst other sources.

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