Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko Communes With Church Leaders

The  Nfon of Kumba and Paramount ruler  of  the Bafaws, Nfon  Mukete IV Ekoko has communed  with church leaders  in  the municipality.
This was during a ceremony  on Saturday December 12. Emerging from the meeting, the college of clergy from churches in Kumba agreed to move the body of Christ in attending to human needs especially within the context of the ongoing socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions.
The meeting which had no protocol was equally attended by Reverend Dr. Victor Eseme Sona and Pastor Pauline Forkwa, both from the USA and some other Ministers of God from Douala and Yaounde.
The brainstorming get-together enabled the church leaders to reflect on the past year and sought guidance for the new year over a shared meal.
Speakers at the get together were emphatic that the role of the church is paramount in this period and should not rest on prosperity gospel which only goes to enrich the Pastors while the entire Christendom lives in poverty and misery. The empowerment of the Christians was emphasized as one noted that recently ten motorcycles were bought and handed over to 10 young men to operate in the town or city of their choice in order to put food on the table and called on other church leaders to come out with such gestures.
They emphasized that preaching the gospel is necessary but to a hungry Christian is like throwing water on a deck’s back and made it that the Holy Bible in the Book of James 5:12 stated clearly that, Faith without Work is dead.
The session equally dwelled on the style and messages being preached by some church leaders especially in the aspect of prophesies and anointed gadgets.
A proposal was made for an acronym to be created for all church leaders in which regular meetings would be held and pertinent issues addressed.
Since the coming of Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko to the Royal Throne of kumba and the Bafaws, Christianity has been fully embraced with an Ecumenical Service for peace organized at the Kumba Amusement Park on Saturday, June 27, 2020.
The wish is that church leaders should create a common front from where they can intercede for the city of Kumba.

By Prince Oben

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