Amba Boys: Armed Robbers Passing For Freedom Fighters

Amba Boys:

Armed Robbers Passing For Freedom Fighters

Story, Kuh Peter


It is no longer a secret that young men and women currently holding dane guns in bushes across the North West and South West regions are armed robbers passing for freedom fighters. Their activities have come under intensed criticism as being a typical outplay of armed robbers with the highest propensity to annihilate the English-speaking segments of  Cameroon and destroy everything Anglophone in the country. Yet they have for the past four years been doing all this under the guise of being freedom fighters.

Personal aggrandizement and greed have taken over the separatist- heralded freedom movement. What we have left now are youth naturally endowed with criminal instincts and coached  by the masters hiding in the Diaspora  to continue  subjecting the population of the North West and South West to perpetual misery.

From their acts viz; maiming, rape, kidnapping, killings, seizure  of property and abductions have  left many with the interpretation that, the gun-toting young men and  their masters  know there  is nothing like independence  except  the business to continue milking the population.

Young men without consciences and feelings; Boys fighting over what they find it hard to define or explain, only translates the level of frustration and disappointment harvested from the imaginary state they had created and never made it to fruition.

A state which already had everything made so easy through virtual deception by Diaspora activists. This is what motivated hundreds of youth to pick up arms against the state.

After apparently discovering that things were slow in coming, divergent ambitions started manifesting. It now became a battle of survival of the fittest. Christopher Anu and his brother Oliver Likeaka aka Field Marshall quickly created a kidnapping cartel through which hundreds of millions were raised.

Ayaba Cho and Capo Daniel carved out a financial enrichment plan through targeted kidnappings. Eric Tataw and a host of others launched an amputation movement against those they termed black leg, enemies to the struggle.

Both ground and Diaspora activists became established armed robbers. Their activities have been rated to be above armed robbery that is advanced armed robbery.

Armed Robbers without season

At first, arms robbery was seasonal. Businessmen were targeted during cocoa or coffee season; festive periods and so on. But with the coming of the amba struggle, it has become a career without season.

‘Freedom fighters’ who find pleasure in the excessive intake of alcohol and drugs can only be likened to armed robbers. ‘Freedom fighters’ fight for a particular reason within a given period and purposeful. But this era of social media freedom fighters is rather out to shield their controversial atrocities. Most if not all boys passing for amba fighters in the North West and South West regions, have either dropped their weapons and escaped.

What we now have are men who before 2016 were already thieves or armed robbers. The situation just availed itself and they suddenly became freedom fighters.