Anglophone crisis: Biya Offers Gifts Worth Over 600MFCFA To IDPs

Anglophone crisis:

Biya Offers Gifts Worth Over 600MFCFA To IDPs

Story, Muh Iva

The President of the Republic, Paul Biya, has put persons  displaced as a result of the crisis in the North West and South West regions in  festive mood with the donation of gifts worth over 600 million FCFA.

The President’s offer to the IDPs was unveiled Monday December 21. This was done by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul  Atanga Nji who presided  over the ceremony..

The gifts included bags of rice, cooking oil, cartoons of sardine, buckets, mattresses, facemasks and among others.

Some 1000 IDPs in Yaounde, Minister Atanga Nji will receive the gifts while the same exercise will be carried out in other parts  of the country in the coming  days.

The gifts, MINAT boss said, was a concrete show of concern and love demonstrated by the President of the Republic to IDPs.

According  to Minister Atanga Nji, the offer , “is a special gesture because  at the end of the day if you see people  eating and  you are not  eating, you will become an  angry  person, so if you  look at the quality of the mattresses,  the blankets, you will discover that it is a very strong relief package of 600  MFCFA that the president  has put at  their disposal”.

The minister said, the gesture from President  Biya shows  he remains a father of the nation always ready to  help  every citizen. To Atanga Nji, anywhere there is a difficulty in the nation, President Biya always shows his affection to the population.

The MINAT boss, talking of Biya’s repeated gestures to the population said: “I have done  this exercise more than 170 times that  I have gone out to distribute  relief  packages to the IDPs in the North Wes and  South West regions and all over the nation,”

While handing over the gifts, Minister Paul Atanga Nji disclosed that a plan to resettle the IDPs back in their respective home towns was underway.

Persons interested to return home were advised to get registered and be provided an additional support which will enable them cope.

At the end of the ceremony, Atanga revealed that the Head of State has ordered the distribution of 200,000 additional facemasks to intensify the fight against COVID-19.

The exercise shall continue in the North West, South West, Littoral and other parts of the country where IDPs are based.

Since the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis and the era of humanitarian attention, President Biya has carried out several donations to assuage the plight of IDPs and persons affected by the crisis.

A 12.7 billion FCFA humanitarian plan was successfully executed months back added to several other concrete actions taken by government to support IDPs.


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