Decentralisation: Kumba II Councillors Schooled On  New  Dynamics



Kumba II Councillors Schooled On  New  Dynamics

 Story, Prince Oben

Councillors of the Kumba II Council, Meme division, South West region have been schooled on their role in the face of changes  in the decentralisation process in Cameroon.

The  training  took place  Thursday December 17 at the chambers  of the Kumba II Council.  The training was focused  on building the capacity of local government representatives in designing and implementing policy through gender approach.

The exercise had as theme: “Strengthening the effective participation of Women and youth in decentralisation and local development in kumba II South West region of Cameroon”.

The training session was within the framework of the implementation of an action plan for 2020/2021 by a local support organization known as Alliance for Community Initiatives with a small grant from the Embassy of the United States of America.

The Kumba II Council has been earmarked to benefit two other training sessions. The capacity building trainings are being organized in partnership with FFE, Globalminder and Kumba II Council within this action plan.

Phase I is to prepare knowledge resources amidst COVID-19; building the capacity of local government representative in designing and implementing policy through gender approach and; train women leaders and civil society to engage in effective policy  making.

The Phase II would be  to create and establish a permanent forum for dialogue between civil society organizations and government for concerted efforts to strengthen democratic and development process.

The overall objective of the training sessions is to contribute to the decentralisation with expected results at the end of the sessions being: women’s needs are recognized and involved in all aspect of policy making in kumba II municipality; the level of participation of Women and civil society organizations to assume determinant role designing and implementing role in kumba II municipality and.  About 120 persons must have been trained in the course of the sessions.

The session was opened by the Second deputy mayor of kumba II Sub divisional council, Vivian Aigona Chibili, on behalf of the Mayor, Mbachu Jacob Kay, who was unavoidably absent due to some other commitments.


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