Nguime Joseph Installed D  O  of Elig-Mfomo Subdivision

Nguime Joseph  Installed D  O  of Elig-Mfomo Subdivision

Story, Tabi Paul

The former  first assistant  Senior  Divisional Officer, SDO for Meme   division, South West region, Joseph Nguime has been installed as Divisional Officer, D O of Elig-Mfomo Subdivision, Lekie Division, Centre Region.

The  40-year-old  civil administrator was installed into  his functions  Thursday January 14.  The  Senior  Divisional Officer, SDO of  Lekie, Simon Patrick  Kamsu  who performed the installation  ritual tasked Nguime to launch a fierce fight against criminality and ensure  the   respect of republican values.

He was also asked to promote peaceful coexistence among locals and ensure the development of the area.

With 25 villages under his control, the SDO told the new DO to be a man of integrity, good moral conduct and to lead by example in order to succeed.

He charged the DO to fight alcoholism and the consumption of hard drugs among the youths, work hand in gloves with the Major in ensuring the hygiene and sanitation of the area remains of major priority, ensure respect of all anti-COVID barrier measures and ensure proper use of mosquito nets.

The SDO congratulated the out gone DO, Djadai Yacouba, promoted to the post of SDO of Djerem in Adamawa region for a job well done and wished him well in his new post.

He challenged the incoming to copy from the footsteps of his predecessor by ensuring to always be at his area of command, perfectly control of decentralised government services and civil servants in the area among others.

The Mayor of Elig-Mfomo, Ayissi Stanislason on behalf of the population, internal and external elite, expressed joy receiving the new DO.

He conveyed a message ofgratitude to the outgone DO for outstanding services, adding that his brilliant promotion is of great joy to sons and daughters of the subdivision.

The Mayor told the new DO that the over 31 000 people living in the Subdivision are very hospital and patient but will turn violent their patience and hospitality is taken for granted. The lamented the lack of police station and a special branch station in the area, adding that even the lone Gendarmerie Brigade has just six elements.

While appreciating the allocation of FCFA 50 million for renovation the District hospital, the Mayor decried lack of equipment and personnel added to the degrading nature of some sections of the tarred road, criminality among others were among problems.

Bio Data

Born 7 July 1981 in Dibombari, Moungo Division in the Littoral region, Nguime Joseph, schooled extensively in Bonaberi where obtained his CEPE and BEPC certificates in 1993 and 1997 respectively before continuing to obtain his Probatoire A4 and BACC A4 in 1999 and 2000 respectively. He graduated from the University of Douala with a degree in Law in 2004 and later obtained Post Graduate Diplomas in Business law and Advanced Studies.

Before enrolling into to the National School of Administration Magistracy, ENAM in 2013, Nguime spent two years (2008-2010) as a collaborator at a law chambers in Douala and from 2010-2013, he served as a personnel at the Bangem Court of First Instance.

Nguime would later graduate from ENAM in 2015 to debut his career as staff of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation between 2016-2017. He was appointed First Assistant SDO for Meme in 2017 where he diligently served until 18 December 2020 when he was promoted to post of DO. While in Meme, he also served as president of the Divisional Tenders Board for two years. He is married and a father of one.