Bamenda:  Military Rescues Population From Notorious  Amba Camp


 Military Rescues Population From Notorious  Amba Camp

By P T

The population of  the  Ntankah  vicinity in Bamenda,  Mezam division, North West region are living through a  new   season  of peace  after  the military destroyed  an Amba   camp  in the said neighbourhood.

Many inhabitants had for fear of their lives relocated from the area. They once considered it unsafe for them to habit due to the brutality and kidnapping orchestrated by the separatist fighters.

The recent military offensive saw the killing of four separatist fighters.  A hostage wounded on the arm in the course of the operation is undergoing treatment in a hospital in Bamenda.

Three  other hostages  were freed while four  suspected  new  recruits of separatists  were  arrested.

Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine, Commander of the  5th Gendamerie Region said “the raid was to go and free those in captivity at the camp, “ adding  that, “we shall continue to protect the people and ensure that the population is free. We have been to these camps more than once. It is not every day that you go hunting that you bring back a catch”.

A  victim of the  activities  of the  Amba boys recounted that,  “I was told to come to Bafut park and collect a document in a big envelop, as I took the envelop and was on my way home, I discovered that there were some bikemen behind me followed and caught me at Cowboy Junction Ngomgham.

“When the two of them caught me there, they told me that they have been monitoring me. When I asked what the problem was, they told me to show my bag for they want to see its content.

“So they opened the bag and removed the envelop and told me it is an envelope for Grade One Teacher recruitment and told me it was dangerous and cannot let me go just like that, “the   victim  who only identified himself  as Anang narrated.

He further said, “while at the camp, they tortured me and called my mother and my brothers to demand for a ransom of 300,000 FCFA so my mother told them that it means I will only have to be killed because on September 7, 2020 I was also kidnapped because of Eneo bills which I usually went to pay. They took 150,000FCFA from me. So this is the second time I was being kidnapped”.

Military hailed

According to the victim, “…when the military came here, it was really God sent. We were sleeping on the ground, there was no bed, nothing to cover. We heard serious shooting and one of the military smashed the door and fired constantly luckily that we were beside the wall while the other person who was directly close to the door was shoot on the arm, so when I came out, I told them that ‘chef c ‘est moi, il faux aider’ translated as chief I am the one, please help, we were told to sleep on the floor which we did for close to one hour and thirty minutes.”

Another victim a student  of Government   Bilingual  High School, GBHS, Bayelle said “we left school and I was with my brother as we were coming back around Mulang we saw those boys there and were trying to stop us so the bike man never knew they were the ones and when he discovered, he was trying to escape but they held him and was well thrashed and sent him away and took us to their camp blindfolded”.

The student disclosed that , “ they tortured us while asking us if they are too big to go to school and why is it that we think we are going to school. We were beaten with a machete, we slept on a bare floor we refused eating”.

Weapons seized

The troops led by Major Onana Conrad retrieved six automatic rifles, three pistols, artisanal guns, gun powder, phones, jewelries and so many books.

The self-styled ‘General Lion’ who is said to be behind the camp  is reported to have died in the raid  alongside  his Junior brother. They are aid to be natives of Bui division.