Akwaya Population Hails Military For Rehabilitating Bridges

The population of Keshang village, Akwaya sub division, Manyu division of the South West region has showered praises on the Sixth Military Battalion of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, B.I.R for  rehabilitating bridges in their community.

The bridges were destroyed by Amba boys. Under the Command of Colonel Maidoang Desire, the B.I.R  elements rehabilitated three bridges.

The rehabilitation exercise  took place from the 26th to the 30th of March, this year.  It was aimed at frustrating the mission of the Amba fighters to prevent the military from penetrating into Keshang so that they can carry on with their acts of terrorism and depriving the people of their fundamental rights.

The Divisional Officer of Akwaya sub division, Augustine Ewe Mbua, received the bridges on behalf of the population.

The DO said the destruction by Amba boys has greatly affected movement since they interconnect life from one neighbourhood to the other. Therefore, reconstructing the bridges  he said would help facilitate movement, boost economic activities and emit hope to the people who were being molested and deprived of their rights.

On his part, the Mayor of the Akwaya council, Ewale Martin Ewale, said the rehabilitation of the three bridges has instilled  confidence in  the  people who have been greatly affected in various economic domains such as the easy evacuation of farm produce.

The Mayor stated that, the gesture by the B.I.R to the suffering people of Keshang is eloquent testimony that God has not forgotten them.

The deputy Commander of the Sixth Military Battalion of the Rapid Intervention Battalion  for the South West Colonel Zambo Nkoulou Moise Cedric,  described the destruction of the bridges by Amba boys as punishment to the population.

He called on the population of Keshang to fully collaborate with the military in order for peace and security to prevail. He further went on by calling those to lay down their arms so they all help in the Head of State’s reconstruction process.

Lieutenant Colonel Zambo reassured them of a series of activities to be carried out in the domain of health and also the provision of their basic needs in the days ahead.

The people of Keshang were later privileged to receive some financial token from their Mayor. The Mayor later announced that, the sum of 50 million FCFA has been budgeted for the rehabilitation of the roads and proper arrangements would be made with the B.I.R for work to commence.

The event was equally attended by the Paramount Ruler of Akwaya Town Central, His Royal Majesty, Opekpo Akpana Valentine, who as a member of Chiefs from Akwaya sub division,prayed for the government not to relent its efforts in the construction of the Akwaya-mandela road as well as the Mamfe-Takamanda road.

by P O in Kumba for CAMWATCH NEWS

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