Bamenda: Tabenken Population Thank God For Fon’s Health Recovery

The  people  of Tabenken, Donga Mantung division North  West region spread  across the country have  thanked God for the recovery  of their  Fon  from sickness.

They  recenty offered  a mass   to thank God for Fon Ngwayi Polycarp Ndiborti’s  recovery  from sickness.

The celebration which initially began with a thanksgiving mass at the All Saints Parish, Bayelle was a call for the officiating priest to pray for more blessings on the Fon of Tabenken and the illustrious people.

During a cultural manifestation at the Fon’s palace annex at Ndamukong, Bamenda, the National Organising Chairman of the event Ta Shey Hilbeltus saluted the efforts made by all and sundry.

He saluted the inspiration of the people to think of a thanksgiving mass for their father as a sign of gratitude to God for His healing mercies.

Shey equally ensued for love and understanding especially for the forgiving spirit  to keep on reigning amongst the people of Tabenken while lobbying that such an event be made annual or bi-annual which can move from one major town to the other so as to continually provide the people the opportunity to show their loyalty to the throne.

“Our father has been in power from 1989 till present and when the great lion is up and kicking, we have every reason to thank God for the healing and protection. In our small corners in which we are based and our elite who are representing us, we only preach unity, love and forgiveness and if others were not here to celebrate we ask for forgiveness for such a shortcoming reasons why we pleaded with the Fon to make such an event annual or bi-annual so as to rally us all despite the differences that might exist, we want our people to always be together,” the notable  stated.

The event culminated with a traditional dance of the Fon in which the people showcased their love to  their traditional ruler.

by T P for CAMWATCH News

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