Three Arrested In Kumba For Alleged Theft

Some three youngsters  are in  security  custody in Kumba, Meme division, South West  region for allegedly engaging  in acts of theft.

The suspects were apprehended  in the Fiango vicinity. They were apprehended at different instances by the population.

The decision to launch a war against urban criminality follows continuous harassment and acts of banditary perpetrated on the population by  men of the underworld since the outburst of the socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions of the country.

After several complaints by the inhabitants, the Divisional Officer of Kumba II Sub division, Edwin Nkenya Ngwana, carried out a mass sensitization on what should be done on suspects.

It is in this light that a suspected separatist fighter, Essomba Miracle, 30, was apprehended for terrorizing the population and asking for support for the ‘war’ as well as theft of cell phones.

He was apprehended at about 4 am on Mulango street, Fiango, alongside a certain Foyem Jean-paul, 25, who was caught with goats stolen in a separate operations.They  were said  to be  finalising plans to sell the goats to  a certain lady.

The suspect revealed that he steals anything especially cell phones and made an assimilation of how he goes on with his operation.

The third suspect is now in Police custody for stealing a motorcycle. Reacting after the hoodlums were apprehended, the Divisional Officer of Kumba II Sub division, Edwin Nkenya Ngwana, said the culprits would have been killed but for the timely intervention of elements of the National Gendarmerie from the Kosala Brigade who later ferried to the hospital for medical attention.

They had been severely beaten by an angry mob. Legal action would be taken against them in the days ahead. The Divisional Officer called on the population to join hands with the forces of law and order in combating crime in the Sub division.

by P O in Kumba for CAMWATCH News




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